In recent years, hair transplantation is very popular in the field of aesthetics, is preferred expecially in the old ages. Hair loss in cases of the accident is also eliminated by hair transplantation methods. With the hair transplantation, he will have more abundant and healthy hair.

Hair transplantation operations are much quicker and easier to perform than many aesthetic operations. For this transfer, hair roots are used which are resistant on the chest, arm, leg, nape and similar areas of the body. People suffering from the hair loss because of various incidents such as accident, genetic and disease are treated with hair transplantation methods.

What Are The Methods Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation methods have become easier and common with the developing medical and aesthetic sector. Nowadays, two techniques, FUT and FUE, are carried out under the control of experts in this field. The FUT method is older than the FUE method and is not a highly preferred method of hair planting because of the cicatrix and the length of the healing period.

In the FUT method, the bristles on the nape are taken as a strip type and transferred. In the FUE method, hair roots are taken with the help of microdevices separately and transferred.

What Are The Points To Take İnto Consideration After Hair Transplantation?

One of the most important conditions for the success of hair transplantation operation is care and maintenance after the hair transplantation operation. We can list the precautions to be taken after the operation as follows:

– There should not be any contact to the area transplanted for 48 hours after the hair transplantation operation.

– The patients should not be in dirty, dusty and smoky environments until the positive results of the hair transplantation reveal itself.

– It is recommended to use a hat to avoid the negative effects of sun rays on the hair planting area. But this hat should be chosen in the way that it does not squeeze the head and damage the hair planting area.

– The first hear washing after the operation should be done by specialists in the 3. day. During this washing, special shampoos are used instead of ordinary shampoos.

– After hair transplantation, swimming pool, sea and sauna should be avoided from microbes such as germs or dirty places that will damage the hair transplantation. The hair transplantation will not give the desired effect when post-operative care does not be cared.

Hair Transplant Istanbul, Turkey and Hair Transplant Cost

 It is a broad term that covers cosmetic surgery or aesthetic operations aimed at rehabilitating hair in a natural and healthy way, such as hair transplantation or, in other words, hair implant, genetic factors, accidents due to traumatic injuries, diseases and hair loss due to age progression. The history of hair implant application dates back to the nineteenth century, and toward the end of the twentieth century, the spread of practice became more popular with the development of new technology and the development of new techniques. Nowadays, many people have hair removal applications and they have very positive results. You can find many results as hair transplant istanbul, Turkey for hair transplant surgery and it would be beneficial if you choose specialist centers such as Eurozen Hair Transplant Center. Hair transplant surgery is less painful for the patient than many other aesthetic operations, simpler, more comfortable and easier to heal.

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