The prp platelet rich plasma medical language name from rich received clot blood. Method, the use of one’s own blood cells based on treatment. In this application, from the people get 8-10 cc blood. Then this blood processed in special kitPlatelet-rich blood that is pirated, this fluid is suitable for hair treatment. One’s own blood cells clot growth factors received rich plasma use in hair treatment.,

What Are The Benefits Of PRP?

Growth factors and platelet rich plasma proteins and nourishing the hair and skin of the revival. thinning hair or those who are living, those who get women men male pattern baldness that method preference. Receives the resulting liquid is injected into the strands. In this way, having been weakened hair treatment hair follicles becoming healthier with thickening.

The duration of the process applied in treatment persistence, approximately 12 months to 18 months. The application takes very short recovery time in people. One’s own blood is applied to, the probability of occurrence of any allergic reaction or infection. There are no side effects. Applications, is able to offer people more healthy hair

Interviews with Our Hair Transplant Patients

How did it feel getting a hair transplant Turkey?

I was very confident from the beginning. The staff are very helpful and cooperatıve.

What would you like to say about the cost of the hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

I think that they give reasonable prices for the Work done.

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