PRP method as well as being safe practical application is a form of treatment. The reason is for use in hair transplantation as a result of obtaining the most healthy long-term result is due to the emergence of provisioning. Surgical methods are made by applying at the beginning of the application of October operation during and after the implementation of the skin texture with PRP effect injecting stem starts seeing. One’s own flesh and blood plasma are obtained in the form of forgiveness of one’s self that it should consider an application. Unlike any side-effect healing, supportive, supportive, rejuvenating and refreshes the is of the PRP method reveals clearly that the choice. The skin layer of the hair transplantation made vital functions by affecting treatment of highly successful way.

PRP Application Areas?

PRP application areas examined as medical hair restoration is used in the treatment of many skin disease other than will be seen. These are formed on the skin sun spots, blackheads, acne treatment, wrinkle removal, such as uncomfortable issues. . PRP method only in hair transplantation is not weakened in hair nourishing and refreshing effect.

Injected into the skin after hair transplantation process, the hair follicles will be alive long term hair structure to provide the functions that affect the persistence of pain. Layer of the skin after hair transplantation surgery consisting of the elimination as soon as possible to accelerate the healing process and can be applied to get in shape before the spill. hair transplant new hair roots planted after a more lively structure has providing ages from obtaining a more youthful skin structure to provide a tighter grip by creating roots that is applied to the method.

Interviews with Our Hair Transplant Patients

How did it feel getting a hair transplant Turkey?

I was comfortable from the beginning. I think the service was great!

What would you like to say about the cost of the hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

Excellent price, excellent results.

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