Applying a specialist who will choose the method that will be most appropriate for those who want to get the most successful result from this operation constitutes an important element in terms of health. In this respect, it is seen in the research results that the most successful results obtained today are platelet-rich plasma-assisted baldness problem-solving methods. Plasma, which integrates the hair follicles with a skin layer in a solid structure, undertakes the most important role in deep renewal. Hair roots, which are mostly taken from the nape region, are given to the area where the baldness is appeared by applying plasma.

But it appears that a misunderstood issue has emerged in this regard. Blood Platelet-rich red blood cells are not just for hair removal or stem production anew but are a nutritional effect in the skin layer of healthy hair follicles.

Which İs The Healthiest Method İn Hair Transplantation?

When the complainants of baldness come to the hair-planting centers, the first question that the patients ask is; how can I be treated without the pain? In this case, the internet world, which has a vast knowledge base, contains the details of the activities of all aesthetic experts and the work done in this field. For this reason, patients are on the verge of decision in a short time. The treatment methods applied to hair transplantation methods are getting more and more pain free and painless hair transplantation operations by continuously improving themselves in the modern medical world.

The most prominent of these types of treatments is the treatment of PRP, which deals with the substance structure of a person’s own blood. In this treatment method, pain and bitterness are removed as soon as possible and the hair gains its old appearance.

What Are The Benefits Of Platelet- Rich Plasma Treatment?

The most prominent features of this method are; red blood cells that completely renew the body of the head. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, it does not cause an allergic effect on the patients but also avoids the diseases that can be passed through the blood. The rejuvenating effect of this method gives the hair a close look to the old look. Obtaining and applying of this method is becoming easy and practical.

Interviews with Our Hair Transplant Patients

How did it feel getting a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

I was very comfortable the moment I stepped into the clinic. The staff had excellent service that made me feel as if I were home.

What would you like to say about the hair transplant cost in Istanbul, Turkey?

I think the price given is very good according to the quality of the procedure that was done.

Would you recommend Istanbul to patient candidates for hair transplantation surgery?

I would definately recommend Hair Transplantation in Istanbul to anyone planning on getting the procedure done. Keeping in mind, I already have

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