Hair problems, nowadays have started to re-enter the solution effective techniques. This is one of the effective technical fue technique. In this technique, two non-hair behind the ears, hair, is the process of posting. In this process, the success rate is 100 percent. There is no any harm to health. An easy and effective method. Experts and business people with successful choice, ultimately will lead to great success.

Treatment Process

At first, the process is the process of examining and blood test. After a little anesthesia, begins drug needles may be attempted. In this procedure, do not forget to cut your hair. Graft retrieval operation is in the process of obtaining of hairs, special tools are used. Along with this process to succeed, guaranteed for life, you can get to the hair. Therefore, planted hair also sown in a way guaranteed to last a lifetime.

After the treatment

Fue hair transplant technique in the first week after the operation, performed with sunlight and should be protected from dust. The washing process with lotion, first cleaning operation is performed. You must rest for a month and you should not remove the weight. You will choose to wash your hair shampoos and other cleaning agents, in particular must be selected. After the treatment, you should sleep on your back for the swelling occur. According to the shape of the operation, the experts will advise you of the shapes and the rest of the recommendations.  Especially when an itch, scratch it. Thus you get healthy hair.

Interviews with Our Hair Transplant Patients

How did it feel getting a hair transplant Turkey?

I was nervous at first but then I felt very comfortable as the operation went on.

What would you like to say about the cost of the hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey?

I think it is cheap for he quality of work done.

Would you recommend Istanbul to patient candidates for hair transplantation surgery?

For sure. I would definately tell patients not to worry and for sure go ahead with it.

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